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PDBj-BMRB group in Osaka University supported by JST-NBDC (Japan Science and Technology Agency - National Bioscience Database Center) contributes to the community for Biomolecular NMR by collection, annotation, validating and archiving experimental NMR data in collaboration with wwPDB (WorldWide Protein Data Bank). Our mission is to empower scientists in their analysis of the structure, dynamics, and chemistry of biological systems and to support further development of biomolecular NMR spectroscopy. Please deposit your NMR structure and related NMR experimental data through our deposition site, ADIT-NMR. The released data are available from our BMRB mirror server. Please try our new search service above which allows you to quickly find rich information of biomolecule such as function, sequence, structure, NMR data as well as interaction in multiple databases including BMRB, PDB, EMDB, UniProt, IntAct, BMRB-Metabolomics and Ligand Expo.



May 31-2016
Legacy deposition system(ADIT-NMR) no longer accept new PDB submissions. Depositors with in-progress sessions will be able to access and complete their deposition sessions until September 30th 2016.
Mar. 31-2016
ADIT-NMR Deposition Systems to Be Retired, Effective September 30th 2016 (wwwPDB news)
Mar. 7-2016
Coming Soon: New NMR and 3DEM Validation Reports for Archived PDB Structures (wwwPDB news)
Feb. 1-2016
wwPDB Deposition & Annotation System Now Available for NMR and 3DEM Structures. The wwPDB deposition system is located at top menu bar -> ”Deposition" -> ”wwPDB Deposition System”